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Bluemity SIM

This Smart Integrated Module is a combination of minimalism and functionality. Choosing LED module to your application you are sure that there will be place in it for the driver, because it is integrated with your source of light, and it allows you to create a more compact luminaires. Specify which light module you need, choose a suitable power supply and Mount the lamp. Installation Bluemity SIM is just a formality. One driver, one move, a lot of possibilities. Install the software appropriate for your mobile device and enjoy easy control of your lights.

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Bluemity HM

Do you have a LED light source and looking for an idea to control it? Or maybe you already have a driver and want to replace it with an intelligent solution? We have one for you! Bluemity HM is a driver that is an excellent element of the new lighting solutions and for modify existing designs. The small dimensions of this device are exceptional advantage during installation, and included in it the modern technology provides many options to control your lighting fixture via Bluetooth technology. Your mobile devices are certainly already ready. And you?

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